Global Version Update 2016.06
--- General
- Add the "Energy point (EP)" system that is necessary to admission to the operations area
- Add the "regional achievement reward" in each location city
- Add in the enhanced system, the concept of "disappearance" in one of the types of enhanced failure
- Add the "L. gear closet" capable of accommodating up to 1,000 L. gear
- Change of character deletion method
-- When you enter the "クローザー解雇" in the character Delete screen, the character will not be removed immediately, to enter the hold period of two days.

--- Skill Related
- J and Misteltein Revamp
- Other character adjustment too (Mikoto and Slash)

--- Items related (General)

- In all of the operations area, item drop rate, and a drop number is increased
- Legendary equipment to drop items of various boss monsters, add the elite equipment
- Add the elite equipped to drop items of various Named Monsters
- Adjust the reward content of additional, such as Quest General of the EP recovery items in quest rewards
- Adjust the item contents of the 1st clear limit the drop of the operations area
- Adding a large number of production possible items (such as premium strengthening fuel)
- Adjust the necessary material contents of the item production
- Attribute of some items (transaction propriety, such as the movement whether to account shared warehouse) adjust the
- Adjust some items performance (including the option content)
- Adjust the contents and the number of part BOX items
- Is included in some equipment items for the option of "buff, type of debuffs grant", add a cool time for the balance adjustment
- Adjust the rankings reward content
- Add items lock function

--- Items related (Paid Item)
- Add the effect of the "EP increase" a certain amount of the effect of the "Closer elite training course," "elite training course."
- In the "Union Store" screen, add the category of pet-only

--- Items related (L.gear)
- In all of the operations area, L gear -. Add a drop of accessories
- Additional general of the strategy area, and in the training program, "boss Weapon" of L. gear to drop items of some boss monsters, and the materials of construction of the "boss Weapon"
- Add a drop of L. gear "ALM leader" series from "Irina", which appeared in the "closed zone inside VHARD" of the "International Airport"
- Formal production of the agent / personnel clothing [permanent] is removed, add the same items that can be produced with a small amount of material [period regulations 3 days]

--- Items related (Plane Gate)
- About Legendary equipped Blaine gate, change and re-adjustment of the item grade, the tuning method of random options
- Grade re-adjustment and tuning itself of conventional equipment is possible, but you need to use a special item.
- Only items can be made from "consumption items" menu of the production machine in the plane gate.
The materials of construction of the only items you will need the traditional items, such as "union gear lubricant" or "overclocking equalizer".

--- Monster related
- For the following boss monsters, change the maximum super armor level from "5" to "3"
暴君ジェネラルトルーパー / マリアマリア / 雷獣ヴォルガ
- For the following named monsters, change the super armor level to "2" from "6"
アッシュダブル&ダストダブル / スカベン戦隊レッド / スカベン戦隊ブルー
For part of the shadow monsters, remove the invincible determination of the time of appearance

--- UNION ARENA related
- Implementing the overall balance adjustment
- Add the category of "Reunion Arena" to the ranking system
- Add the system of "Arena point (AP)" that can be acquired, such as in Reunion Arena victory or defeat
- Add items manufactured using the arena point (AP)

--- Other
- Add a voice to the part of the boss monsters and general Monster
- Remove the cut scene to bike boarding of when to move the base city
- Change the expressions such as "mission completed" that is displayed in the operations area
- Change the graphics of the phase-locked to separate block in the operations area
Global version 2016.06 which you share very impressed with many great applications, Thank you for sharing.
Board Update Global version 2016.06 with many outstanding features and attractive. I appreciate this new version.
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