Grinding is painful
Seriously, when each run only gives 5% something really needs to be done.

It's even worsened by the fact that there's a stamina system in the game. The two just don't mix together.

It's easy to tell that Naddic wanted to make Closers a challenging game that requires a lot of effort time for players to enjoy, but seriously, having pre-BB Maple-tier grinding isn't exactly the best way to accomplish this. It just makes the game tedious and frustrating.

Unlike other grindy MMOs, parties get adjusted difficulties, meaning that runs won't be any quicker with 3 others tagging along, and dungeons in Closers are actually challenging. You'll die instantly if you don't pay attention, meaning unlike mindless grinding, you actually have to focus on each of your 20 runs unless you want to waste a precious revive pill that requires NX and not UN.

Closers isn't a game meant for mindlessly grinding. I mean, Naddic should at least tone down the EXP tables so it doesn't take me 3 hours to make me feel like I'm actually progressing.
I haven't had any grinding problems 'till level 43 which is the level I currently am right now and I'm just too lazy to grind. What I did up there was however, waste all of my stamina, do some special dungeons that I like and then do 3 EDM runs. EDM runs sure give quite a bit of exp, drops and stuff.
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I don't think it's that bad until near cap, which tables will probably be modified with each cap increase or better dungeons will become available.

I'm 42 and I hardly touched the 4th area doing nothing but money grinding and not even trying to level up at all. The levels just come.

Also, 9% a run isn't bad at all.
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I got 0 problem on the pve, only problem is account stamina, I'm fine with the character stamina
M8, it's better compared to Elsword days C;...


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