Guess Naddic couldn't keep their 100 days promise
>No PvP
>No new area
>No side area
>No Circle base

New characters are fine and all, but they're not really what Closers needs right now. The game still has a few glaring issues that Naddic really needed to address with these updates.

Nata was fun, but he could only keep my interest for so long when this 95% of this game's PvE is faceroll, and Levia got boring quick. Hopefully Naddic isn't going to follow the Grand Chase route and just release streams and streams of characters.

Can't say I'm not disappointed though. If Naddic's going to make promises then they should at least keep them.
Well, releasing streams and streams of characters isn't exactly a large deal for a game like Closers, where everyone only has one path.
Grand Chase technically has only one path as well, but each class was practically another character. (Up until AP characters) I'm not denying GC has way too many characters though
When comparing to something like DFO or Elsword, you can see that Closers is almost at their number of CHARACTERS, but because there are no split branches, Closers has at most, 25% of what they have.

Also what are you talking about, no circle base?
Circle Base was added a very, very, VERY long time ago O_O
It would be nice to see an update to it soon, though.

There was definitely also a new area after announcement: Plane Gate.
However, I will admit Airport and NPC Side Story is taking forever.

I myself am very pissed off that there is still no 1v1 PvP, and that AoS hasn't been pushed together into one lane. (Nevermind that, naddic has started to care so less about AoS that Wolfdog isn't even added into the game, and there are many glitches they aren't even bothering to fix because absolutely no one cares...)

But yeah, naddic didn't deliver the 100 days promise...
I am upset for sure, though if you think about it, it was way too good to be true in the first place. :/

...though it's not exactly a good time to pressure naddic into release the updates right now.
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Yeah yeah yeah, no fifth area or helper NPCs.....


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