Hackshield crash

I have had this crash since I started playing in December, but at that time I could just ignore it and continue playing, and it didn't always happen everyday. However since two or three patches ago, I cannot just skip this dialog, as it automatically crashes my game. I wasted almost half my stamina yesterday. Sad

I would like to know if there are any reportings about this issue on the Korean website, and any known incompatible running software/service.

Thanks in advance. Cool

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KR (retired)

Playing the Taiwanese (TW) version, and casually playing the NA version.
Well the first line says "The following programs and games can not run together" then the second line I cannot make out whatsoever. My assumption is your hackshield is being effected by either a anti-virus or some other program you are running in the background.
Well, I better look into my security software tmr. I use Razer Game Booster to automatically close down most of my programs before game start already. So the issue is probably with my security software.

I use NOD32 antivirus and COMODO firewall. I tried turning off all their internal modules but it didn't help. It appears that some of the exe files are still running in background.

I ain't sure why the second line of the dialog doesn't display the text properly. I will try changing the Windows locale to see what happens tmr...  Undecided

I didn't play much today but the game crashed in all my 3 EDMs and 2 training dungeons. That's 0 exp. Cry

Update: It seemed this issue was usually gone for at least a few hours after I had restarted my computer. However, I didn't play Closers too much recently to check as I am a bit busy with RL and Kantai Collection (the game).

KR (retired)

Playing the Taiwanese (TW) version, and casually playing the NA version.
for me it keeps closing it i cant even play the game i just started and stuff and it ekeeps doing it 

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