Halp wit translation
[Image: CHNkmiV.jpg]
What does the red word mean? Unlimited time? Time limit? Reset together with stamina?
I can't see it clearly,you'd better zoom in,also it depends on how you got it.
If you got it from an event or something similar,it will most likely expire after next maintenance,if not it means it can't be traded or sold or discarded/bank shared i guess?
But i need you to zoom in to be able translate it correctly.
Well it says 1-day on title and the red text says
'After this period, the effect disappears.'

So more or less: After 1 day, the effect disappears.
No longer active
So that means I can keep it and use it when I want to right.
They usually have time limits in green text at the bottom, so I'm guessing yes.

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