Happy Halloween! 2015
| Event Duration
After Maintenance on 27th October 2015 (Tuesday) ~ Before Maintenance on 11th November 2015 (Wednesday) Japan Time/GMT+9

| Event Details
[1] Log in during the event to get「TRICK or TREAT!」Box!
Trick or Treat box contains 2 variations of Pumpkin Mask (7 day), randomly you will get 1.

*This item will be sent to your 1st character that logs in during the event
*The Trick or Treat box can be placed in shared bank
*The count down for Pumpkin Mask (7 day)  will start when the box is opened. It will be sent to the inventory of the character that opened it

[2] Collect 「Halloween Pumpkin」and get 「Pumpkin Mask (Permanent)」!
Log in once everyday and 「Halloween Pumpkin」will be sent to your mail. Collect 6 and go to Manufacture/Dis-assembly: Aran Ver.3 to Manufacture 「Pumpkin Mask (Permanent)」

*1 account is limited to 1 mail. It will be sent to your 1st character that logs in that day
*Halloween Pumpkin can be placed in shared bank, however even if several characters possess Halloween Pumpkin, only 1 character can collect Halloween Pumpkin

[3] Limited Halloween L Gear Sales!
Halloween L gear can be purchased in the Union Store under the following categories.
  • L gear > Hair (Total 10 varieties)
    Young witch Hat[A] (1 variety for each character)
    Young witch Hat[B] (1 variety for each character)
  • L gear > Accessories (Total 6 varieties)
    Bat Circlet (for all characters)
    Bat Armlet (for all characters)
    Bat Wing (for all characters)
    Pumpkin Mini silk hat (for all characters)
    Pumpkin Bracelet (for all characters)
    Pumpkin Ribbon (for all characters)

*All accessories have the option [When using a Skill, MP(HP) cost reduced +0.50%] attached

*Pumpkin Mask cannot be Traded, Sold, Dis-assembled or Upgraded. It can be stored in Shared Bank
*You cannot manufacture Pumpkin Mask once the event has ended
*Once the event has ended, Happy Halloween mail, Trick or Treat box, Pumpkin Mask (limited period version), Halloween Pumpkin will be deleted
*During operations, if something unexpected happens, the event contents and plans may change

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Oh? This seems nice, thanks for the news! Smile

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