Happy Valentine Day! Event
[Image: 620x232_valentine.jpg]

Event Peroid:
9 February 2016(after maintenance) until 18 February 2016(when the maintenance start)

Event Content:
During the event you can get "Inari handmade chocolate" to craft variety limited event items at "製作/分解:アランver.3".

You can get special title "You're melted within love" from this event.

Event items that can be produced

[Image: 2yxqhj5.png]

Limited L.gear event introduction

[Image: 10y2bmg.png] 

"Happy Valentine Gift" content(random and only get 1 from these items):
  • 迅速デュアル回復カプセル : 10 units
  • 復活カプセル:3 units
  • 作戦地域フリーパス:イミテーター:1 unit
  • 最高級強化燃料:3 units
  • 大成功のオーラ:1 unit
  • 強化のオーラ:1 unit
  • ユニオンギア潤滑剤:1 unit
  • 品質保証シール:5 units
How to get the Special Title
  • Produce one "Valentine Chocolate Basket"
The achievement content can be see on tab "Events" at "Achievement"(Y) on the menu.
Also, when you use the "Title" from "Character Infomation"(P), the "Title" will appear on overhead.

※ Event items can be produced at "製作/分解:アランver.3" on tab "Event I".
※ L.gear from event can't be traded, sold, dismantled, tuned, and upgraded but can be placed at shared warehouse.
※ Please remember that the event items has limit on each account.
※ Each event L.gear can only crafted once per account.
※ Only "Happy Valentine Gift" Production that resetted at 04:00 JST everyday.
※ After the event, the event items can't be produced.
※ "Inari Handmade Chocolate" will be deleted after event.
※ Because some unforseen reason, the content and schedule of the event can be changed anytime.

**translations by TheTruth**

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