[Image: rmqXEpDv.png]
[Image: eEMT3Fzz.png]
[Image: ezwSpMWy.png]
[Image: DTsgl10S.png]
[Image: jVCHiAlZ.png]
[Image: pSFTaTN3.png]
[Image: OpPQw1to.png]
[Image: 6v5DyDLA.png]
[Image: RUnTzzrO.png]
[Image: YNIJDY5v.png]
[Image: lixytdod.png]
[Image: OoBaukhE.png]
[Image: BTZR7SKJ.png]

I think she might be slightly bigger than Levia.
Kind of weird for me that Harpy got non-existent fanfare when it comes to character additions, but she's the one that interests me the most. At least more than any of the Wolfdogs.
No longer active
she's so pretty,,, 

i relate to her exposed thigh. i need her. she will be my beauty mentor.
we didnt need those tiddies, but thats ok. its worth it.

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