[Image: rmqXEpDv.png]
[Image: eEMT3Fzz.png]
[Image: ezwSpMWy.png]
[Image: DTsgl10S.png]
[Image: jVCHiAlZ.png]
[Image: pSFTaTN3.png]
[Image: OpPQw1to.png]
[Image: 6v5DyDLA.png]
[Image: RUnTzzrO.png]
[Image: YNIJDY5v.png]
[Image: lixytdod.png]
[Image: OoBaukhE.png]
[Image: BTZR7SKJ.png]

I think she might be slightly bigger than Levia.
Kind of weird for me that Harpy got non-existent fanfare when it comes to character additions, but she's the one that interests me the most. At least more than any of the Wolfdogs.

she's so pretty,,, 

i relate to her exposed thigh. i need her. she will be my beauty mentor.
we didnt need those tiddies, but thats ok. its worth it.

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