Harpy Disconnection Issue
Welp, I had it happening on all of my mains...

Surprisingly, never happened on Seulbi.

Anyways, it seems to only happen when you use several skills quickly and consecutively, because I only rush through several skills on Misteltein and Levia, and I get disconnection on them more frequently than my Yuri or Seulbi.

...I'm thinking it might be anti-hack mechanic. :|
Which could be a BAD thing, because this may mean this will be PERMANENT......

I've seen Koreans randomly disappear from EDM runs too (mostly Levia, for obvious reasons), so I doubt it's only affecting foreigners...
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I do believe it is an anti-hack mechanic. Because I had a similar disconnection during the holiday server lag (Before I knew all I had to do was get off channels 1-15.) where I used Tormenting Light and then activated Phase Power Release. (The bar never went down.) I made an "illegal move" and it kicked me for it.

.....I don't know what the hell Naddic was thinking though. They should know their own game well enough to know how easy it is to gather enemies together then unleash a skill that scores 400+ hits quickly.
There is definitely a kick feature for abnormal things, such as lagging for a long time while using skills and bosses/mobs receiving tons of damage once the lag resolves, in such situation you will indeed be kicked.

But this one is less of a foreigner-only issue since even koreans are experiencing it, you can get kicked even if you're not lagging at all, only thing I can say about it is that its a "glitched" anti-hack feature, hopefully it would be fixed by the next patch..
I have no idea WHY, but when I was playing Levia while rushing from skill to skill to skill more rapidly than I usually did, I actually had lower chances of disconnecting...

And this was after I've been disconnecting consecutively, about 4 times in a row.

...I don't understand...

Edit: I could be COMPLETELY off base on this, but Harpy, Nata, Tein, and Levia has one thing in common: they have skills that change their position a LOT. Especially Levia.

So it might not be skill spamming that does this, but a constant changing of your position on the map that triggers the dc...

It would explain why I crash more often while using FM1/Sacrifice/Bifrost...
I'm going to try to change my position as little as possible on Levia and see if it helps anything.

Edit2: 7 runs without DC so far

So there's a good chance my theory is correct.

I think you can do up to 2 or 3 drastic position changes in under 4 or so seconds before you get force booted. Minor position changes like walking or using Fang Dive doesn't seem to affect it.

Edit3: First DC after 7 runs. I think I did Horn Gouge -> Walpurgis -> Serpent Swarm.

...which maaaaaaaaay mean minor position changes actually do matter too.

Edit4: Person says he dc'd from skills that didn't change position.
So this may apply only to Levia.
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One update and an emergency maintenance later, this **** is still going on.

I even replaced Fang Dive with Hell's Trap because I felt that Fang Dive was more prone to causing the DCs than anything else, but nope. I just got DCed from a Dimensional Singularity + Hell's Trap combo.

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