Has anyone even seen a Gungnir Master Cube drop?
I'm just curious if anyone has gotten the damn thing. I've been searching the Black Market for weeks and no one's even selling them.

I think there's something wrong with its drop rate.....
is it the 2nd finishing move for mistletein?because if so,i already looted one a week ago :l
(03-03-2015, 04:17 PM)Person Wrote: is it the 2nd finishing move for mistletein?because if so,i already looted one a week ago :l

No, first.

@OT: I've never seen one drop, but I bought one from Black Market.

It's not that they don't exist, it's that they're selling as soon as they're out of trade block timer LOL
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I got it numerous time, all gone to NPC. It is just too hard to sell.
i got it using J, then i share it to tein.
Finally just got one off the Black Market.

I'm still curious as to why they're so rare compared to every other cube though. I had no problems finding the rest of the cubes for my Misteltein just going through pages searching through all the cubes until I found them. Not even Ragnarok. And Everyone else's cubes are such frequent drops for me that I basically used bank sharing to get everyone else their Master cubes.

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