Has the game's optimization improved?
I played this game to death when it came out of beta, but had to stop due to how bad the framerate got towards the end of area 3. Have the recent patches done anything to fix this, or is it the same that it's always been? Thanks in advance.
Yeah it improved for me, no more lagging on that purple portal and they remove those laggy fire effects on area 4.
Did they fix the optimization? I don't have time to try, but I remember getting issues with framerate because 4-3 spends time loading the textures for the buildings.

Every time I start it.
little bit in some dungeon
For me, it was all the particle effects (fire, dimensional portals, missile attacks, etc.) that make the framerate plummet. Has that issue lessened recently?
Optimization is improved on my end. Before the Tein patch, 4-6 was a pain for me just because I had to deal with portals that spawn loads of monsters. They tend to freeze the game for a while.

After the Tein patch, I noticed that the game ran pretty fast, and it made 4-6 bearable for me.
Improved, yeah. But it's nowhere near good just yet. You'll generally hold a good framerate in dungeons, town is still a mess though, and the game still requires a hefty rig to look good.
For me, it was mostly just the excessive amount of particle effects and partying with anyone that made the framerate plummet. I had a few dungeons without the particles that ran well, but they were few and far between. I'm downloading the latest patch now, so I hope it runs a little better. I'm glad it's not entirely on my end as I can run much more open 3D games just fine with my current equipment.
How do I fix the lag that Seulbi's flying technology gives?
[Image: RoiuoX5.png]
I wonder if they can make it smooth or it's just hard coded with so many memory leaks o.O
I mean PSO2 is a top notch 3D MMO but I barely lag there o.O

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