Have a Raf [Joke Thread]
So, I enjoy a good joke so I figured I'd make a thread where people can post and share them. I particularly am not one bothered by the extremes a joke can get to but do keep in mind of forum rules as well as any potential distasteful things that might occur with your posts.

That being said, I'll start with mine.

"A dyslexic devil worshipper gives praise to Santa on Halloween"

That's it. Show me what you've got.
Aight this one was old but I still find it funny.

So if you're human you might've had these moments where you tried to think of what to say and came up with some phrases. Though you accidentally mixed up those phrases and something else came out.

In a soccer match a player accidentally kicked the ball into the goalie's face. He was thinking of what to say and ended up with "Oh my god are you okay?" and "I'm so f***ing sorry". He ends up going up to the goalie and saying "Are you f***ing sorry?".
Ok ok, here comes a great joke.

[Image: RoiuoX5.png]

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