He's baaaaaaaaaaack!
[Image: zwG8EiP.jpg]


Looks like the Wolfdogs are going to meet our old friend.....
>Hana in Wolfdog restraints
>Kalbach is behind her
Now THIS is interesting.

So does this mean Hana ended up taking in some of the phase power from the Empress Cocoon or Hana struck a deal with Kalbach and now fights with his powers...or they're this game's Lu/Ciel?
[Image: o9HA2ur.jpg]

Those wacky terrorists set them free.

.....Why the hell was UNION keeping dangerous criminals underneath an international airport?

Edit: And she can activate Levia's collar! Just when we thought mommy(?) liberated her from evil *****es by smashing Siyoung.....
That's like building a hotel and a sanatorium together in one place.

So Hana's just an enemy, or is this all a teaser for her being the 3rd Wolfdog?
She's a NPC in "town", she sends Levia around everywhere. Kalbuch Tux is apparently involved with whatever she's up to.

I did a 4-4 Hard quest with Kalbach Tux as the helper NPC, then two runs later, Misteltein shows up and he attacks Levia. Again.

.....After reporting back to Hana, she is pissed about learning that the Black Lambs are nearby. And then she goes on a Levia torture spree. (She gave the order to kill them but Levia refused?)
Don't know if you guys noticed yet or not but..

Hana is wearing Kalbach tux's jacket/coat :l.............

She's also wearing something very similiar to Levia's bracelet/handcuffs?
OK, so from what I'm getting, Hana and Kalbach are working together. I don't know if it's because Hana was handed over to the Vultures while she was being detained and decided to take control after the terrorists broke her out, or she managed to get pardoned and became a Vulture officer or something due to Kalbach's request after cooperating with UNION during the Gangnam Case. I don't even know if both of them turn out to be a part of the Vultures now, but it's making me think that since Hana has the same remote Trainer uses to activate the collar.
And the last 4-6 Hard Mode stage has us fight Talbach Tux (Now with helicopter dropping action!) alongside Seha/Misteltein.

I don't think Hana has a remote though, she tortures a terrorist as well, so she's probably using her own powers to activate the collars.
No longer active
Just saw "DRAMA_AREA5_KALBACH_VS_TRAINER_WOLF_DOG.AVX". It plays in place of where the Black Lambs get to watch
Kalbach Tux shows up where Trainer is, I have no idea what they were discussing, (although I heard the words "main computer") but Kalbach Tux has a remote to Trainer's collar.

Edit: Completed the story quests. Kalbach gets away, ending video is of more of those symbotic dimensionals coming through a portal and the Lambskeeper shooting them down while lifting into the air. (It feels pretty incomplete since the video ends right there.)

It's also one of those normal cinematics with the game models instead of the usual Wolfdog graphic novel style cutscenes.

Hana is still around, unfortunately.....

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