to begin with my English is not that great so i may make lots of mistake

anyway nice to meet you

you can call me rue for short and i play lots of Korean games

i mainly playing those games atm

Tales weaver
Closers for sure

and you may ask my nationality................

Well you can guess it

my first language is korean

and for people wondering why i joined forum

cuz my friends having difficult on games and they really need help

So, if i have time, i will try translate the thing you don't understand by using Google

or bugs and errors

oh and for those who play seha ( include myself) welcome to hell gate area (CUBE)
a Kerian ? are u from Earth
Wow we have a friendly K r an!!

Hey o/
(01-06-2015, 03:41 PM)Grootman Wrote: Wow we have a friendly K r an!!

Hey o/

well hello lol

(01-06-2015, 03:36 PM)tomosky Wrote: a Kerian ? are u from Earth

Wrong X_X...

how comes i became outsider...
:3 rue
Welcome! It's nice to have a korean native around. :3
[Image: l1joBd2.png]
Kaideh 45Kudaranai 43Mitsumi 43 — Alejandro 30  — Harisu 20
ID: Kaideh
welcome and enjoy
Must... resist... bus joke...

Welcome, Ruecian!
[Image: Baron.gif]
(01-06-2015, 05:43 PM)Baron Wrote: Must... resist... bus joke...

Welcome, Ruecian!

well did i just heard another bus crush...?


next stop will be from orbits isn't it X_X?

tax payers are crying now due to tax rate increase
Roflmao the tax jokes.

And, welcome ;D.


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