Big Grin 
I speak too formally because I'm scared of almost everyone here due to their reputation in a certain game with a red haired boy and have to play Closers at 10 FPS because my new computer hasn't arrived yet.

Nice to meet you all. Big Grin
No longer active
I barely have a reputation with that red hair guy, but anyways welcome to the forums.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.

And I wouldn't be scared of reputation here mostly.

New game, new start.
[Image: 4jZCIZZ.gif]
I swear I'm the kindest sweetest warmest person in this community.

Let me assure you, the only thing you have to fear, is the rising numbers of the Polar Bear Republic.

Welcome to the forums.
[Image: Baron.gif]
Oh welcome,your current toaster sounds as weak as mine,we should party sometime.
I'm one of the rude ones here, but im also extremely friendly.
[Image: RoiuoX5.png]

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