Hello, my first Video about Closers
A short video  about the 4 current classes in Closers made by a Vietnamese Closers team. All comments are highly welcomed.
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P/s: So sorry that Misteltein does not appear in this video due to time limit..
Hi im Vietnamese - IGN : YonaHime
At 720p I would expect to be able to see the minor details more clearly but it seems blurred. And the filter effects you used are way to strong to my liking.
However overall the music sync between scenes are great and it gives this epic feeling but I still think it'd look more professional though if the quality wasn't tarnished.
I rate a 7.5/10 c:
P/S: It's good that Tein wasn't included because I don't consider him a part of Black Lambs :^) -shot by Tein fans-
Vietnam flair up.

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