Hello new ENG Closers JP player here :3
Hellu mah name is Kuroshino (but ingame i have a Nata named Zekudo) im kinda new to Closers JP but i heard alot about it from people that played the KR Version and i decided to use a VPN to give it a try ^^

so far its fun (but really slow on my Laptop but all in all still fun) and im just hopin to meet some ENG players if i get the chance

i look forward to playing this game for quite some time until a *HOPEFUL* NA release :3
welcome to the Closers community. it's fun to have fellow JP players here. owo7
i played JP too, but i rarely log in to my account now. i really need to comeback somehow.
Hope you have fun both on game and in the forums.
Don't forget to join the discord chat as well.
"speaking of closers... who wants to talk about Seha~?" //slapped
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<ID : Licoirce>
Licrois - Striker (main) |Clie - Ranger|Amacha - Lancer|Liecce - Caster
DeviantArt ; FloDoodling
hey i'm also new here just downloaded the game yesterday (couldn't wait more for a NA release) so yeah hope to see you around

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