Hello there everyone ^^
Hello everyone, I've recently joined the community and yeah, I decided to introduce myself to everyone even though I'm not really good at it since I'm kind of shy with introductions xD. I am a 14 year old boy and I live in The Netherlands but my family is 100% chinese and I really like to play games with other people. I've seen Closers some time ago and tried to give this game a shot after it is released in the western countries, hoping to be able to make some friends while I play it since it looked really amazing. Well, there is not much to tell so I guess this it then. I'll see everyone later then and have fun with the game guys ^^ .
Welcome to the forums. Make sure you check Guides and Translations sections to get yourself up to speed with info.
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Welcome, buddy! Stay active! :)
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hi there hope you still on and hope you will share how your progress is doing.
welcome and enjoy the community

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