Help Us Find All Option Skill Cubes!
[Image: SG8woV7.png]

[Image: b2ZUvI0.png]

[Image: uFVcc57.png]

[Image: 9bdmQnJ.png]]
Ahhh, right they added legendary...
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[Image: nYR4KC7.png]
[Image: eho2rde.png]
[Image: fcf032d5cb2f9fe420073151b2332b0b.png]
[Image: p3thTO6.png]
Thank you everyone for your contributions!

A few days ago, Onozuka sent me a list of all skill cube %'s, which can be found here:

This means contributions will no longer be needed, but this thread will be kept alive for the future, should naddic (god forbid) change %'s.

I will be adding all of these percentages onto the wiki soon. Hopefully, it'll be completed by the end of today or tomorrow.

=== Updates ===

October 18th 1PM EST: Damage and Physical/Magical Critical updated
Notes: Physical/Magical Critical Damage Rapid/Hyper Rapid Skill Cube Data missing from sheets

October 18th 1:52PM EST: Critical Damage/Penetration/Aerial/Back done
Taking break, gotta go to appointment soon

October 19th 8:54PM EST: Chase done
No longer active

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