Help a new player(character choosing)
Hello all. I am new to closers. Just started a couple of days ago and my first char is a J. What I want to ask is: can anyone make a top list of the strongest characters? I want to see if I choose right my first char and wanna compare with others. For starters I want an easy and strong character so yeah...which is the strongest char? If anyone can make a list like:
1) Seulbi
2) Misteltein
3) J
4) Yuri
5) Seha Lee
Or something like that (I put the names randomly so I wanna know a true list). So please help and recommend me a strong char.

"Sandbag" DPS (Note: This is an assumption. We have no training room to get raw numbers.):

Misteltein > Seha > Yuri > J > Seulbi

Hit and run situations:

Misteltein > Yuri > Seulbi > Seha > J

Overall ease of play:

Misteltein > Seulbi > J > Seha > Yuri

.....Misteltein's pretty overpowered right now.
Quote:Strongest character
There is no such thing. If there was, there would be no point in choosing other characters. What I will do is list their strengths. OK, Misteltein is a little too strong right now due to just being released. I actually forgot as I got tired of leveling him after getting to Act 3.

Seulbi Lee - 1* difficulty
Spellcaster. Lacks combo options compared to just about everyone else, but makes up for it with good ranged options and numerous AoE spells. Is surprisingly straightforward to play as despite the fact that spellcasters are often the most complex character class.

Seha Lee - 2* difficulty
Typical aggressive swordsman style play. So easy to use, he's the easiest to solo with. He is also the only one that can deal True Damage, which is a third damage type that ignores defense altogether.(Technically, everyone else can do True Damage by going Hyper Mode near enemies, but the burst has a damage value of 0.)

Misteltein - 3* difficulty(supposedly)
A hybrid warrior type character. He is a mix of everyone else: is aggressive in close range like Seha, can provide support by dropping different lances that can buff allies, debuff enemies, and deal AoE damage like Seulbi, can grab enemies to disrupt them like J, and his aerial moves gives him amazing mobility like Yuri.

Yuri Seo - 4* difficulty
The rogue type character. Has a mix of melee and long range combat, and uses speed to compensate for her few AoE options. Generally quite risky to play, but her strongest attacks deal both physical and magical damage, allowing her to do almost as much damage as Seha.

J - 5* difficulty
The brawler type. Is unique in that he doesn't use a MP bar, but uses up his HP for his attacks. This is both good and bad for him, as his HP bar functions similar like an MP bar: doing normal attacks on enemies can heal you. Can take hits very well, and his grabs allow him to disrupt the enemy and hold them up for your allies to capitalize.
i'll make it:
1-Seha (pretty much straight forward with the bonus of true damage on explosions,he is the easiest to do aerial combos with [but requires practice from your side])
2-Seulbi (her gathering skill makes it way easy to mash all mobs at once,still need MP management)
3-J (once you know how to manage your HP & get all the skills,you are pretty much fine 10/10,you can solo and finish dungeons with full HP/above 75% as long as you know how to manage it and not dash recklessly)
4-Mistletein (need AOE aiming and knowledge about gears to balance magical and physical)
5-Yuri (because of hybrid damage and how to cancel the combo)
Okay guys. Thank you all for your opinions I might make a seha lee or a seulbi next

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