Help. continuous lag
Hey guys. this is my first topic and post here so pleased to meet you in advance.

actually i have downloaded Closers 2 days ago and it started working today but...when i was playing i found the game lagging so much and i can't control my characters very well because of that. i think this has to do with the server since the log in screen and the character select screen works smoothly and not lagging.

Thanks in advance.
I need to know specification of your computer (CPU, RAM, Graphic card, OS)
Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU:3.00 GHz

Memory (Ram):2.00 GB

system type:32-bit operating system.

and this is Windows 7 ultimate.

i hope this helps.
What's your graphics card? And is this in town? If so, I reccomend turning the number of people you see in town all the way down to minimum, even on a powerful computer (I have a $2500 rig) you'll still lag in towns due to the game's horrible optimization.

Also, 32-bit is dinosaur man, you're due for an upgrade.
how to decrease the number of people!?

EDIT:okay i recognized my graphic cards:

Name:Intel ® G33/G31 Express chipset family.
Manufacturer:Intel corporation.
Chip Type:Intel® GMA 3100
DAC Type:Internal.
Approx. Total Memory:256 MB
Current Display Mode:1440 x 900 (32 Bit) (60 HZ)
Monitor:Generic PNP Monitor
Well, no wonder you lag so much.

Your CPU, graphic card and ram are

below game's requirement, and even though you have the requirement, like Nathan said above

this game has horrible optimization problem.

I have bought new computer 1month ago, which is far more better than

the game's requirement, but it still lags sometimes.

Of course I did optimize the setting.

There is not much I can help, but you can still optimize your computer setting by

1. turning off all the unnecessary programs.

2. update on your graphic driver.

3. optimize your setting with your graphic driver program.

I think this is just about it.

If it still lags, well... you will need to buy new computer.
so. i should update my graphic driver and optimize it. okay then. thanks everyone.
i would say because of the game optimization is still very bad, so everyone have lag. Even Nathan with his OP PC has it. I suffer 20 FPS drop sometimes even with my build.

Alright this thread is Solved, Locking.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.

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