Help should I use this legendary or...
should I use this legendary item I got? (well it is a wand that decreases cd for 15% right?)
not sure if I should use it or stay with my lvl 52 whip.. >_> someone tell me... D:

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your whipe is definitely better,even if you get that legendary to +10,it will have less or equal DPS overall,for now i believe 10% critical is best for you,till it starts getting normalized after you get planegate gear :x
I can only confirm to you that there won't be much of a difference ( if not weaker ) from changing to that weapon,it will also cost you to +10 it,so,maybe not worth it?

Also,that's common now,finishing area 4's scenario would generally end up on some boss droping a legendary Lv50 weap for you.
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Well, the wand has 13% back critical, so if you manage to hit back at least 80% of the time, it's worth it :v
Edit: The reason I say this is because CDR is more OP than crit

I'd use the whip. But if you get the Plane Gate legendary staff, definitely switch to that. It has 12% Magical Critical Hit Rate when fully upgraded so you wouldn't even be losing out on Crit.
tnx guys :3
[Image: 2hi70r6.gif]

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