Help us fill out the EXP Table!
We could really use the help, since most people tend not to pay attention to Experience Tables.
It would also be fun to look back at old Experience Tables, should the rates change again. (We missed our first chance ;; )
I recently added a PNA table too, so even endgame players can help us. Big Grin

To log onto the wiki, just use your forum account.
To add in the EXP required:
  1. Select the proper section, and then click edit:
    [Image: fUXaXkc.png]
  2. Go to the respective level
  3. Enter the number of the Experience Required next to the || after the level number.
    [Image: wEuSoAi.png]

If anything breaks, just contact someone in #wiki-chat of Discord.

PvP EXP table added

Instructions updated


Harpy and I will get this thing finished for sure. When they raise the level cap for her.

But I'd just like to say that yes, those first 10 levels are what the game says. They don't make sense how they get higher then decrease, but I swear those are the TNL requirements for the tutorial levels.

Edit: Dammit, I forgot to take a screenshot when I hit level 40. Can someone else get that?
(12-22-2015, 12:30 AM)Endgame Wrote: Edit: Dammit, I forgot to take a screenshot when I hit level 40. Can someone else get that?

Funny story, I checked my own Harpy and she was exactly level 39. I'll get it once Stamina resets.



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