Help with some Items..
So, after finally playing again, I noticed there are a few items I cant figure out. Can somebody explain me what these do?

[Image: QQG9eLO.png]
I'll be explaining from top left going to the right, then bottom left going to the right.

  1. Scavenger Statue, NPC this for money. (The thing next to Scavenger Statue is same thing, NPC for money)
  2. Course One-Shot, use @ enhancement machine, 2nd page: instantly +3's equipment
  3. +0~3 Tribul, use @ enhancement machine, 2nd page: instantly +0~3's equipment
  4. +0~5 Tribul, use @ enhancement machine, 2nd page: instantly +0~5's equipment
  5. +0~8 Tribul, well you should get the picture now
  6. Megaphone, best to just throw this out unless you know korean Tongue
  7. Lucky Phase Token, you can craft various items @ crafting machine with these. (Like glasses, costume fiber, story accessories, etc) You can get this from daily quest (
  8. Costume Tuning item, required to change tune options. Only works for 2 Star Costume.
  9. Costume Tuning item, use this to reset tune retries back to original number. Only works for 2 Star Costume.
  10. Regular Tuning item, iirc that color was for lv51~60 gears; so use this to reset tune retires back to original number if the required level for the equipment is lv51~60.

Also, the next time you need help, please post in this section:
I'll request moderator to move for now. Big Grin
No longer active
Ah I see, sorry Big Grin thanks though^^

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