Here comes a new Asian maniac
Sup everyone. I'd already played in 3 months but this is the first time I've came to here, so this is my introduction.
A speed-type maniac so I admired Yuri's playing style, and I can't play Tein, nor Seulbi.
Nice to meet u guys all.
"I always fight with all of my best, except when not in the mood" - Nameless
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Welcome ^_^ i hope you enjoy your stay,check the guides if anything,recently things been a little bit innactive (due to no major update or endgame content on the game) but it will be better later Big Grin
welcome to the forum.
Make sure check out:
and a bunch of other stuff (up top in that menu)

Enjoy the stay, don't forget to stay active if you get to 50 post you will be allowed to join the closershq monthly give-away (in the market section).

All spam activity will receive a NASA ban hammer
^ ^ ^
Basically what they said.
Anyway, I hope you like the forums.
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Clutching to memories
Welcome and hope you stay active, it's getting kinda lonely at certain sections :c

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