Hey everyone!
Hi I'm Tom! First i just want to give a big thanks to the people who made this site and those who are contributing with translations and info! It helps out a lot ><   I'm an active player of Dragonest Japan and Phantasy Star online 2! Since i hear this game will also be getting servers for Japan and became interested in it after seeing some previews, i decided to play in the korean servers first  to get a feel for the game! Struggling real hard with language barriers right now since i don't know Korean but I'm glad there's a good amount fellow english players as well. Hope i can play with everyone here!

i play Seulbi!
My ign name is Claire  btw feel free to add! Account name : ClaireClaire

Also Happy New Years everyone, hope you guys have a wonderful year
Hey tom~

My acc name is Cryosis, you can add me when you're on, i'm...going to sleep soon
Hi Tom, welcome to CloserS HQ! I hope we get to interact and play in-game together! I'm looking forward to reading your posts!
Y0L0 SW3G!!!1!!!
PSO2? I've heard of it but don't know if it's worth playing.

Anyway, welcome to CloserS HW and I hope you enjoy your stay.
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