How Does PVP work?
How Does PVP work? I am uncertain whether I should ask here or game help. I would like some clarity on this topic. I heard it's similar to League of Legends, which is a game I don't play. Thank you in advance.

*I'm interested in the PVP vs Ai (computer I assume)?
It's basically a MOBA style "destroy the enemy's tower" deal where both sides get little robot minions that charge towards the enemy side's base. Both sides have defense towers along the way. And there are a few monsters on the map as well.

You gain levels and credits from killing and you get to buy items while back at base.

You can fly back to base at any time. (It's reccomended you do so when low on health because the respawn counter is pretty lengthy.)

Each level gives you 1 SP to spend on skills.

The Black Lambs are split up into Trainee, Intern, and Official Agent. Only one person per team can choose one rank of one character.

Euni, Kalbach Tux, and a dimensional monster named Maximus (Based off of the Area 4 "pounder" enemies) are also playable.

VS AI is the same thing, but the AI "players" respawn really fast. (If they took as long as players to respawn I might actually be able to solo them.....)

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