How do I air combo?
I'm having some trouble figuring out how to begin. Namely, launching. (Other than Meteor Blade. Works great, but you know. The cooldown time.)

I have Advanced Reversal. But often the hit before the Advanced hit will cause the launch the mobs, leading to the "uppercut" to happen as they're already in the air, meaning they'll start descending before I can follow up with any attacks. And even when that doesn't happen, following up with Discharge is all I know how to do. (I tried >>>ZZZ Discharge but they tend to fall too fast for that to even work.)

Any advice on how to do air combos other than the basic Meteor Sword + Storm Burst Blade followup?
it depends,if you usually SOLO,you should be host and everything should work as intended,if you are not the host,not only you will have troubles launching but your OA grab will be useless as well.
that's all i can say i guess,and generally i use advanced reversal to launch,that or novice sky slash.
I'm pretty sure this video won't help,but just in case (because if it could,u would have searched for other videos obviously)

I did quite a bunch of launchs in there,i guess...
Novice/Expert Discharge (mid)
Novice/Advanced/Master Reversal (high)
Adv/Master Rush (low, here's some info: Adv/Master will cause you to slide far away from the foe if the novice/expert part does not ram perfectly onto the's hard to explain 'ramming perfectly onto the foe' but you'll get what I mean if you use this skill a lot. An example of a perfect ram is Master Reversal -> Master Rush, or just Advanced Rush on the ground on anything.)
Novice/Expert Shockwave (mid)
Adv/Master Phase Blade (i forgot)
Novice/Expert Sky Slash (high...I actually don't know if you can catch after, I don't use this skill much, can probably chain with rush)
All rank Point Blank Strike (easier to follow-up after Novice/Expert tho...high)

Some of Seha's launch starts aren't launch starts unless you decide to NOT hit the key again.
Also, if you really want pretty combos you NEED Master Reversal. The reason for this is because Expert connects with anything you start in the air, then brings you back down to the ground, giving you more options.

The reason I say you need master is because connecting after Expert feels wack, and you'll lose aerial bonuses by continuing there.
But sometimes, you'll need to end it at Expert to avoid messing up party or to quickly evade incoming attack.

Here's a video of a professional "combo artist" (as I like to call them) if you need inspiration. I learned a lot from this video. Tongue

No longer active
Air combo is easy. These are the two I usually use. Note that u can mix and match them up when you sorta understand the timing of the skills. You can really get creative very easily, this game's combat system is pretty fluid.
[backup for positioning(<<),x(facing enemy)]or[Simply],meteorstrike, (zx), Phase blade, rush once, reversal twice, (zx), Bursing Blade.
Assuming enemy is at > side.
Sometimes zx are not required but I like to do it for the extra hit/combo count and it flinches the enemy in position on air.

(02-25-2015, 09:46 AM)Khleys Wrote:

That's the legendary Kleisis from Elsword. He was and I personally still think IS the best raven player in the world. He invented zz loop and a few other raven techniques. Now he's on Closers Big Grin

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