How do YOU play Levia?
So, I started to play Levia and while I always have problems deciding on what skills stats and equipment to use/upgrade, I find myself having the hardest time with Levia. By the few days she is playable I am sure there are already a few pro gamers out there. So that is why I ask: How do YOU guys play her and what do you seem to fit her best?
Snakes, Snakes, Snakes, Snakes, Snakes, Snakes, Snakes, Snakes.

Though on a more serious note, I don't really use anything except for Summon Familiar, Fang Dive, Designated Flight and Serpent Swarm. Levia cooldowns are crazy low enough for you to be able to rely on Fang Dive alone for mobbing, actually...

Edit: I just found out Levia can stay in air forever and still hit stuff properly due to Designated Flight and Tail Whip sending you back up, but it's going to be pretty impractical until Plane Gate due to main game being too easy and all that
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I don't play Levia,problem solved.
I spam buttons and get sss or money game

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