How much time would you need to do OA Quest?
As the title says, I want to know how many days you would need to finish all OA quests. Because since today is 11 February and Yuri OA perma costume ends day 25 "I think" I would want to know how many days I would need to finish all OA quests. Currently on Lvl 33. So by playing everyday from lvl 33 to OA quests how many days would you think I would need?
Oh, really? I thought tomorrow's maintenance was the last day. I guess all the other Yuris I'm partying with in the cube didn't get the memo either.....

Anyway..... 33-41? I'd say 4-5 days worth or Stamina. Things slow to a crawl after 37 because the Area 3 story quests end.

And another three days just to get through the 40 run grind from Hell.
Thanks alot for the info
3 days minimum.

Without any VIP packages, you have 170 character stamina. You'll spend 10 stamina doing the solo Cube run for Part 1, since starting 1 dungeon run, regardless of the result, uses up 10 stamina. For Parts 3 and 4, you don't spend stamina for the Wave Survival and Goblin Maze, but you have up to 3 tries per day. Then 40 cube runs for Part 5. Assuming all of the runs are a success, 16 + 17 + 7 = 40.

EDIT: Even with the VIP Package that extends your stamina to 200, you'll still need 3 days minimum, since 19 + 20 + 1 = 40.

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