How the game is going
Hi.. Long time no see I only want to ask something and i dont want to look "like a hater of this game"

Since I Quitted like on area six release because low spec PC and now im back with a better Computer i want to know how is the game going?

Like is Dying? or the game is going very well?

I want to know this because Elsword is about to die (Im not saying like elsword is about to close down or something)

The game is fine as of now.
The game has been doing decently well during summer and winter updates and then Tina caused the game's popularity to explode. The game isn't even two years old yet and has four different regional versions out.

If you really want to compare it to the previous game the Naddic team worked on..... that game was about to be canceled when Eve was released. Then the game's popularity exploded. And it took three years to get its second regional version.

The moral of this story is that all RESS has to do is draw white haired flat chested robot girls.

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