How to open Closers in Windows 10
Hi, I'm new to here and a friend of my friend gave me an account. When I installed Closers, it shows up an error then I clicked "Okay". Then It only shows a black screen in the game, when I closed it, It says that "The Direct3D device has a non-zero reference count,meaning some objects were not released".
As far as i know that error isn't critical and can happen randomly (sometimes even if you accidentally get logged out from the website but the game just started)

Also there's this:
EDIT: i noticed you already posted on that thread,in that case i recommend you to unninstall both direct X & closers (assuming you still have the installation files,if not ,just back up the files & reinstall then put the files back)

I hope your problem will be fixed,if not better wait for another person who fixed it to answer.

P.S: Closers officially does not support windows 10.
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