How well is Closers being received in Japan?
I'm just curious, especially considering that kMMOs and PC gaming in general aren't very big in Japan. (Or so I've been told.)
Judging from online communities, they seem to be very active (though somewhat small) - e.g. it-tells (SEGA's social platform), Twitter etc, and considering the server population at a glance - you could say that its rather popular right now.
큭큭... 이몸이 영웅이 될 순간이 왔군! "받아라!! 산들바람 베기!!"산들바람 베기!!![Image: fZsbHyS.png]
I know it's popular enough to have a radio show with Binna/Usagi's VA as the host.
It's probably more popular in Japan than in Korea. At least on some ranking sites I've seen.

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