Hi, Park here. Had a SEGA ID lying around so I registered for the Closers JP beta a while back and have been loving it ever since. I've been lurking about this site because it has a lot of helpful info for getting through the game, and finally decided I may as well just make an account if I'm gonna be here all the time. Mah IGN is jkdajare for anybody who wants to play together and I main J. Usually on weekdays from 7-10 in the evening, Pacific Time (-7:00 GMT). Look forward to chatting with you guys!
[Image: If+you+read+this+i+hope+you+have+a+great...15d8d6.gif]
Welcome, I'm on JP too Tongue Too bad my GMT+1 which kinda screws me up lol.
welcome to the forum.
Dont forget to checkt he rules and all the good stuffs out on the bar right up there ^.
Then drop by the chat for more dank memes, and have fun Big Grin


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