Hunter Skill tree/Guide - By Person[Outdated]
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[Image: 321781ef9c297c8657dea6b24a7f6c03.png]

Common skills:
[Image: 16b931c06bbb7146b3310e27e2d029f9.png]

Quote:[Image: Release.png]-Phase power release:You easily charge full awakening at bosses on late level dungeons,maxing this is great since it will give twice more awakening bonus damage & twice more duration,Lv10.

[Image: Cancel.png]-Force cancel:Because better safe than sorry (i have to admit i don't use it often,but better have it ready at all times) Lv10,or 1 if you dare.

[Image: Evade.png]-Emergency evasion:You thought there's no way to not have that skill,but you can actually remove it by downgrading it to Lv0,but it might be your biggest mistake in life for doing so,Lv1.

[Image: 76b7e0cde606ad39ace6619d2b5a59a0.png]

Quote:[Image: HS1-1.PNG]-Torrent of pain: Lv10 to enable the master cube, -20% physical defense for 10second is very good before landing big % skills or finisher moves, ToP->FM1, ToP->FM2 etc..Keep at Lv10.

[Image: HS1-2.PNG]-Sure kill/Kill confirm(ed):good skill,average damage with teleport behind the target,good to hit & evade at the same time,at master cube,first hit will always count as back attack, so if you use it in front of a target, all hits will be back attack, and you don't need to go behind your target since its automatic, keep at or Lv10.

[Image: HS1-3.PNG]-Lasso: Your best grouping skill,at master cube it will have cooldown reduction IF used as first skill chain/skill chain starter ,and since you need to group mobs before hitting them, it will most of the time be your first skill always, allowing as much grouping as possible, still crap for bosses (except for those you can move with it,it cancel super armor), can be used for the sole purpose to stay longer in the air to dodge ground attacks;keep at Lv10.

[Image: HS1-4.PNG]-Shadow Hunting:Teleport you behind your opponent, gives you 5second attack buff, it also have skill cancel property, you can cancel any skill with it (this will be extremely useful later on), leveling it increases the buff's efficiency, the skill's damage (up to 979% at Lv10,not bad) and also decrease the skill's cooldown, at Lv10,the skill will have less cooldown duration than its buff, allowing you to spam it & keep it on forever, as long as you have the MP for it.(good combo with torrent of pain since they last nearly for the same duration, SH+ToP->FMs) Also helps building your job passive buff stacks easily, This skill can be used midair, making it very good to dodge land attacks while going behind your target at the same time, Lv1 or 10 depending on gameplay. This skill is not affected by your CDR stats.

[Image: HS1-5.PNG]-Finishing move: Purgatory :Its a FM,and probably your best FM,master cube gives +15% additional damage during awakening,Max it ,Lv15.


[Image: 4fc5770736a72521f5ff5cc3dd8b37fb.png]
Quote:[Image: HS2-1.PNG]-Guillotine:Legit skill,good for starting a chase/&/aerial ,very good damage,best for mini bossing/bossing due to its short range,keep at Lv10 Because master cube never hurts to have no matter what the effect is .Lv10, or Max/Invest as much SP on it as possible.

[Image: HS2-2.PNG]-Punishment:Can't cancel it with normal skills till you land on the ground or all hits connects (this is what Shadow hunting will be usefull for), must keep hitting for it to connect (no target=it stops), can keep using it as long as you time your inputs correctly VERY GOOD when boss goes on super armor and launches an all attack on the ground, keep hitting the boss while avoiding the ground damage, etc...Master cube gives this skill 50% more critical chance when chase is active, Ignore it or Lv6/10.Naddic nerf hammer is OP.

[Image: HS2-3.PNG]-Night Hunting:Very good mobing skill, very good damage for its range, starts chase & can cancel it with punishement once you are close enough to mobs, also good to stay midair against bosses, master cube allows the skill to deal back attack damage on all hitsLv10 or put all your leftover SP in it,depending on how often you spam the skill..

[Image: HS2-4.PNG]-Finishing move:Infinite hell: Kinda meh for a finisher move, still good at all times, it has less cooldown than purgatory, master cube gives 10% additional back attack damage,Make sure to hold the skill button once activated, so it deals full damage, don't forget to press again for advanced skill cube effect.Lv13 (max for current Lv cap).

Locked skill:
[Image: 2hbYh2c.png]
Quote:[Image: HS2-5.PNG]-Lunatic Explosion: This is your locked skill, that you earn after spending 5k NX or crafting for 30 union watch medal (from daily quests/PVP/DDM) its pretty simple, one cast, one hit, damage; Recommended to max because of the damage burst, cooldown can still be annoying (30sec base cooldown), the master cube helps getting critical at 100% chance whenever the skill is used at skill chain Lv3 or higher. Max or don't learn, if you decide to max it, you might need to remove some points from FMs/some passives, just make sure to not remove it from necessary passives such as critical damage, since this skill cost 3 skill points for each level.

Official Crew:
[Image: e88c3bb51ff65596018599b9fe3ddc5e.png]
Quote:[Image: HS3-1.PNG]-Pulverizing blade: Damage is low~decent Damage is increased by 50% at Lv10 compared to Lv9..., can be used to group mobs[Master cube has 30% bigger range], can reset cooldown IF used as skill chain starter (ie only once if its your first skill, or if you keep missing) the ability to gather & refresh cooldown then do it again on the other side to group stuffs is cool, aerial cast is terrible & might miss, only use it on aerial if you are sure to hit and just doing it for aerial damage bonus,Debuff lasts for 5seconds and reduce physical defense by 10% before master cube, 13% at master, so keep at advanced cube, however master cube has additional damage & duration & debuff effectiveness(10%->13%).

After testing for myself, it is highly recommended to get Lv10 of this skill if possible, the difference is huge..(highly recommended) Lv10.

[Image: HS3-2.PNG]-Leather Skinning: Your possibly best mobing skill for damage, make sure to use it midair so that it won't send mobs behind you with the advanced cube effect,also gives 80% damage reduction, and is the ONLY skill that isn't a finisher move with damage reduction, Master cube also allows you to get Lv5 Murderous buff (Nata's passive) instantly. Lv11 (max for current Lv cap).

[Image: HS3-3.PNG]-Endless Pursuit: Great damage ,HAS i-FRAMES,and sadly,not in the whole skill, master cube will allow the whole skill's hits to deal back attack damage, good combo with Lv5 murderous buff/high back attack damage bonus. Recommended Lv10 for damage (max for current Lv cap).

[Image: HS3-4.PNG]-Finishing move:Fireworks : Your last finishing move, has some sort of suction effect if you want to use it at the start of a dungeon for mobing, Master cube gives 25% additional critical damage, pretty good , using it midair can is mostly useless against small targets as they won't receive the full damage of the skill, so i prefer ground for small targets and aerial for big bosses..Lv7 (Max for current cap).


[Image: df46669a38835c23f88673a925f1e19c.png]
Quote:[Image: PS2-1.png]-Basic Attack Training :I totally ignored that skill once,but i feel like my combo damage , is almost twice as much compared to without having it,Lv0 or dump leftover SP on it depending on how much do you feel it is affecting you (until we get a correct % of what it does)

[Image: PS2-2.png]-Strength Training: It was modified so that it gives +15 per skill level instead of +5, this changes a lot, Invest maximum leftover SP on it,preferably max..

[Image: PS2-4.png]-Deep Strike: You have no reason to not max this, Nata is pure physical, so just, DO IT,Lv20 (max for current Lv cap).

[Image: PS2-6.png]-Resilience Training : I prefer to go for a build that allow you to survive from taking damage (later on ,proven to be the only reliable way to be able to survive & solo Step 8 astaroth,if you don't have enough HP or defense,his FM will ohko you regardless of whathever you are doing,unless you love to perfect dodge ,then good luck champ is actually very possible to do it perfectly everytime,but not recommended for beginners/first time you'll fight hard bosses.) ,remember that its a %,if your base HP is low(below 15k?),ignore this passiveLv0 ,1 or 10.

You don't need the rest.

Official Crew:
[Image: 950f937a2bd4e0071d724ea43a047f17.png]
Quote:[Image: PS3-4.png]-Aerial death technique: Because you don't need anything to cause aerial damage except pressing X & skill button while aiming? (at least if you are using my build,all your skills will be above expert to allow such thing to be general),Lv10 (max for current Lv cap).

[Image: PS3-5.png]-Back capture: Nata is the master of back attacks,yet its not as reliable as aerial...but you will be doing back attacks most of the time,so Lv0,5 or 10 depending on invested SP.

[Image: PS3-7.png]-Manipulating chances: Good DPS Boost, you won't feel any change almost if you have full plane gate gear, just pretty stuff that is barely usefull Lv0,1 or 10 depending on invested SP.

[Image: PS3-9.png]-Substance penetration: Barely does anything, but it still helps, again this is just if you really think you have SP to spare on very secondary things.Lv0,1 or 10 depending on invested SP.

You don't need the rest.

[Image: 2c6984db6e.jpg]
They're the prey, and we are the hunters!

that 3-1 skill diss
No longer active
(08-13-2015, 10:31 PM)Khleys Wrote: that 3-1 skill diss

I'll take it back next week after they FIX IT,i promise ok?ok

Credit to Ziyon for the Attack on Dimensional pic.
(08-13-2015, 10:40 PM)Person Wrote:
(08-13-2015, 10:31 PM)Khleys Wrote: that 3-1 skill diss

I'll take it back next week after they FIX IT,i promise ok?ok

Credit to Ziyon for the Attack on Dimensional pic.

you can never erase disrespect from your memory, m8
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(08-13-2015, 10:54 PM)Khleys Wrote: you can never erase disrespect from your memory, m8
Quote:“Tomorrow is tomorrow.
Future cares have future cures,
And we must mind today.”
For real tho,i can't recommend that in a guide,srsly xD

I had it for a while but,i need the skill slot for something else :L
This is my personal view on a few skills...

Phase Power Release
...this is a bit of an unpopular opinion, but if you don't have money for PNA but need other skills maxed, I would leave this at just level 1.

Ultimately, you should max this.

Sure Kill
You need to max this for one main reason:
  • Highest damage for 100% Back Attack skill, excluding Master Endless Pursuit (but you need a lot of luck for +2 Endless Pursuit, and it'll waste 2 tuning slots)

You can easily save SP and MP Cost on this skill based on preference, because the only part that really matters for mobbing on this skill are the original parts from Novice rank.
The levels I recommend leaving at are 1, 3, 6, or 10.
  • 1 for basic usage
  • 3 for basic usage and if you want the pull back for various situation
  • 6 for better situation/combo usage with basic air usage
  • 10 for 2s CDR + Option Cube to aid in mob gathering

I personally recommend lv10 only if you have below 40% CDR, so you can attach Option Cube on it to lower Cooldown even further.

Shadow Hunting is good to note that this skill's cooldown will not go down with CDR stat.

Finishing Moves Purgatory, Infinite Hell, and Fireworks
It may be hard to believe, but Nata is actually FM King.
All FM have multiplier higher than 8500% at lv6, which is actually above average.
The standard procedure for maximum King power is Torrent and/or Shadow Hunting and then going YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, repeating Torrent and/or Shadow and then going KEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, and then Torrent/Shadow again and going COS BABY YOU'RE A FIIIIIIIIIIIREWORK, afterwards you stall time by wasting mana chasing with all of Nata's various skills.

Basically what I am saying is that you are crazy if you don't max them.

Pulverization Blade
Optional. Trust me, it isn't as bad as 3ys makes it out to be. '-';
Main purpose is for better mob control, re-standing foes, grabbing some DPS in party, and potential DPS in dangerous situation (such as when boss uses attack that hits entire map's ground).
However, re-standing foes is fairly useless with new PvE mechanics, and it prevents Chase because it forcefully seats foe on ground.

Sometimes, the pull that is supposed to occur will not occur, which will interfere with it's mob controlling ability.
Damage is average compared to Nata's other skills. It's difficult to get absolute back attacks because the kukri travels.

Even though the skill is mediocre, cast time and cooldown are very low, and damage is done apart from body, so it is good for DPS if you can consistently cast it.

Leather Skinning
Optional. It has 80% damage reduction, good range, good damage, and it is flashy skill, but that's it. Cooldown is disgustingly long, and due to that, it can't hold a candle to Guillotine's new damage multipliers. Cast time also takes too long, and though it does have similar use in mob gathering as Lasso, you may miss out on DPS at times because you have to face incorrect direction to move mob.

It may become a staple once we discover what 'Murderous' buff does.

Endless Pursuit is a monstrous skill maxed, but only if you have way over 40% CDR...

Back Capture & Deep Strike
...why would you not max these on Nata?
No longer active
Updated,thanks to Khleys for the feedback,further testing proved some skills to be decent,beside,6 points to learn a skill are better than to give another skill 3 levels u_u.
Great Build for Hunter! Loving it!
Updated to the most recent patches (compare this post's date for reference).

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