I can almost guarantee CloserS Eng will be published by Nexon NA
GMS just got Shining Star in December, an update that KMS got in August. They're not far behind at all and they keep on getting things that KMS doesn't have like the anime collaborations and even three classes. (Four if you want to count Jett, although she's just a reskinned Corsair.) The world first level 250 player was even on GMS thanks to GMS exclusive EXP bonus + a Kanna mule

Nexon NA's lack of a secure server is pretty worrisome though. I actually had my two accounts hacked once. But all they did was change my password and Vindictus PINs. It was pretty odd.....
i just hope it hosted by aeriagames
Having english anything points to no actual host for the game.
There are a plethora of Nexon KR games that did not go to Nexon NA
Tales runner
Lost saga
and they also dropped DnF
Its clear they have no intention of hosting these kinds of games and I'm betting Closers is no different.
Either way no one knows and there are no indications of any currently known hosts taking it.
I'll laugh if Kill3rCombo gets the hosting rights.
if that happen i rather head wall and play KR
I wouldnt be able to play cus NA nexon blocks Puerto Rico :3c
Thats why i hope it wont be NEXON NA because they do block ip :\
i'd rather preffer that the game would be hoested by kill3rcombo at this rate.
(01-31-2015, 04:00 AM)Nova Wrote: I'll laugh if Kill3rCombo gets the hosting rights.

Like it would happen, I would prefer if Naddic themselves publish Closers NA. I just don't like middleman publishers in MMOs. At least if Nexon publishes it, there are more chances for advertisement.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
I'm the same as Casey, I prefer self-published MMOs. It really gives a clear cut impression of what the developers are like.

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