I just partied with a Seha who killed Hecatonchires in the first knockdown.
I didn't get a video of this crazy ****, but I did get the screen clear screenshot:

[Image: ew8yaJn.jpg]

The run I just did a few quests ago where my Seulbi partner died and didn't revive took me around 13 minutes.

He didn't even bother dodging the lasers in the first few sections. He just pounded on the stones and they blew up really fast. He also had what I'm pretty sure are some cash shop/PC Cafe buffs. Didn't see any of those buffs you can buy with Union Medals though.

I wonder what level his weapon is..... but holy **** it was crazy. There aren't any damage hacks going around, are there?
Seha is unique because his explosions do true damage. Maybe that is why he can do stuffs like that.

11 secs faster than mine X_X danm...

[Image: SCREEN_CAPTURE2015-01-1818-28-39-236_zps1921a551.png]
(01-29-2015, 12:55 PM)Ruecian Wrote: uh...

11 secs faster than mine X_X danm...

[Image: SCREEN_CAPTURE2015-01-1818-28-39-236_zps1921a551.png]

But yea its possible,i left the boss on 9HP bars on 1st knockdown(solo) at Lv45,if you are Lv47 with good stats like rue,thats high likely possible.

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