I just used up my luck for the next 5years
[Image: d62075229378e76409527c6c3c765a5e.gif]

First box.......
My Seulbi got her staff from her first box too.

.....At the price of being unable to find the yellow module with CHC/CHD/Aerial Damage for months.

Literally every other module has dropped for her but that one.
(08-14-2015, 02:57 PM)Endgame Wrote: the yellow module with CHC/CHD/Aerial Damage for months.

I'm using blue non set+ blue set modules,I didn't get as lucky as SOME PEOPLE to get 2 different modules including the critical dmg & critical chance & aerial ,i have also been told non set+2x set is better than 3x non set (and its doing good enough for me right now).
Tho,i still want to change my blue non set with orange CHC/CHD/Aerial too U_U

I never looted any of those modules yet btw,and no weapon either lol...

My luck is usually THAT ^ bad,that's why getting the best weap for my nata on first try is actually too much for me-

Just wait,i'm pretty sure i'll get gray quality on Lv54 legend one..

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