INNOCENT BANE A Closers-ish iOS/Android game
I came back here only to share this new discovery. I'm not sure if anybody knew about this yet, though.

Background Story:

Innocent Bane is based on a world when Worm Gate (ワームゲート) technology is highly developed and the developer “Out-Cell” (アウトセル) has became the top giant enterprise around the world. Along with Worm Gate came into being, some children are born with super power. After another dimension presents the unstable phenomenon, a group of monsters called “Stranger” (ストレンジャー) are escaped from the slipspace rift. These children armed with superpower stopped the invasion of Stranger so that people called them “Chaser” (チェイサー).

There are five main characters available at this moment. They are together in a group called as KuroNeko (means Black Cat).

Visit main website to see more screenshots:

I don't know why this game reminds me a lot about Closers Online even though I have left this game for ages.

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