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I recently started to play on KR closers server. I was playing on Kr servers before, but ive never really got an answer for my question. 

What will happen with my account if ill log in from different IP? I heard that every log is saved and nexon can see it, and they can randomly send a "making sure" check that you are indeed from korea and have a number from korea. 
My pervious Kr account (elsword) was active for many years i suppose, because ive got it from friend that made an account before this strict rule with number. After 2 years i got random "check" that im from KR. 
Right now i wonder, if ill change my IP aka. live in other town or smth else, they might actually send it to me and my account would ge blocked? Right now, i wouldnt really care cause i just started, but later on im gonna move out and losing an acocunt that im gonna play on for few years with probably good eq etc might get blocked. 
 Or maybe theres not really a rule for this and i need to be ready for random blocks everytime cause thats the issue with bought accounts?
Naturally there's no check, I used multiple different VPNs and I never had issues with them, however, don't share your account.

If you share your account or enable a specific option in account settings (Which isn't enabled by default, so unless you go there and modify things, you will be fine), you can get locked out of your account when disconnecting yourself using 2 different IPs located far away from each others.
Good article, the sharing of your account is great, help a lot for creating my account.
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