Im here btw.
Aka Collapsar,probably had issues in the past with voicing my opinion that i dont feel like its necessary anymore.
So yea,im here qnq'
Wait, who the hell is Collapsar?


(Late) Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay~
[Image: FVUJPdb.gif]
It's fine, everyone get's a new start.

Welcome to the site though. Big Grin
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
Thanks ㅇuㅇ
Forgot to mention,im half useless outside the game,well,except if you want a google translation for a near-close idea about a korean text.
Generally i can't type more than 3 lines since i cant find some letters in my keyboard urgh...using phone since it shows me the letters,but not all of them are included.
For IG,i can help with dungeons in my level range or lower,sometimes class-items that i dont need.
And when i get bored and notice i got something to share i post it as a guide,do note that partying with me can be a burden until mid-2015 since ill be using my toaster instead of a computer of this generation.

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