[Inactive] Closers HQ Official Circle
[Image: 6xAvuqN.png]

  • No attacking other guild members
  • No speaking English in Towns or "All" Chat
  • 2 Week Inactivity without Notification will lead to removal.
  • Registered Forum Members Only
How to Join:

     A. Notify "Casey" in Chatango, PM, or post here for location.
         Best time to contact 5pm-10pm Eastern Standard Tim on Weekdays.
     B. Add CaseyVGCx (Account Name) as a friend in-game.
         Send a massage in-game Mail or whisper to ask for an invite
         (Remember we have to be online at the same time to be added. Check the time above)

Guild Information:
  • 14/20 (All Space is first come first serve.)
  • Level 1
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
Am I doing this right?

IGN: Mumi
IGN : Misteltyen

need someone to speak english with Sad
i want to join... My ign is Kanata90
Reminder:Joining with one character will put all your characters on the same circle (taking 1spot only)
And currently there's a bug,if you get kicked (and probably leave as well) you can't join the same circle again,at all...
we don't know if its temporary or not but it exist.
[Image: cats.jpg]
I'd like to join aswell IGN: Parria
As a notice, if you want to join the circle, you have to setup arrangements with me to invite you. Look at the times on when I can invite. It's very manual atm.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
Sign me up!

IGN: University
Hello and i would love to join this circle but do we give you our account ID or character?

well either way IGN is: GeekJorge
Hi, I'd like to join :3 IGN: Karaku

Closers KR Information
Stamina Reset: 5AM KDT
» Other Timezones: 1PM PDT | 3PM EDT

Major Updates
» Character Rebalance (BlackLambs)
» 6/30 SA Seulbi Release
» 8/11 SC Levia Release

Latest Patch Notes
» 6/30 SA Seulbi Release Full Patch Notes
» 8/11 SC Levia Release Full Patch Notes

Latest Official Media
» SA Seulbi Trailer
» Levia SC Trailer
» Tina OC Trailer

Latest Comic
» Offical Webtoon Forgetten Thief Harpy Finished

Latest Events
» SA Seulbi/Summer Events

Closers JP Information
Major Updates
» Global Version Update 2016.06

Latest Patch Notes
» Global Version Update 2016.06
» Patch Notes (6/20)

Latest Trailer
» Closers JP Animation

Latest Events
» Click here to view Events

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