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(01-08-2016, 09:35 PM)Person Wrote: Cake table=IF it truly give cooldown and not skill ressource consumption (gotta ask Kanra just in case for confirmation) then sure, that might help the circle players, although I already have capped CDr, I don't mind spending an additional 2m per 2 weeks for that.

Cute Kitty Desk= Top kek priority cuz you know why.

One Punch Man= secondary priority, it might not look like it but this is more useful than additional damage.

First one will require 2mil more per half month, and the other 2 will cost total of 11000 NX
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(01-10-2016, 06:19 PM)Khleys Wrote: First one will require 2mil more per half month, and the other 2 will cost total of 11000 NX

Not a problem, we can pick the most active players to donate the required amount per 2 weeks, I don't mind 2m~4m assuming I'm the only one.

Also, I got 10k NX covered o/////
I've been lurking here for a while now xD

Would it be possible for me to join this circle? I can cop donating 2mil if need be. I wouldn't say I'm that much of a newbie so I hope my main is strong enough to join the circle:
Main: Nata (Person is my senpai and bestest role model)
Lv 45 PNA
23k phy 
47% phy del
45% mag def

I have been soloing every planegate ;-; and can solo both boss rushs (very hard) at 9-10mins SSS
I got reckted by the new planegate bosses on very hard so I haven't tried farming there

Please accept me Big Grin
We got buffs now. Thank you 3ys.

@above Stats and skill don't matter, this is casual circle. I would advise against excessive flaunting too.
Pride of achievements is fine, but too much of it gets annoying to some people.

I'm not accusing you of it. Just saying it for future.

(01-11-2016, 03:44 AM)PyroMagmaPanda Wrote: Would it be possible for me to join this circle?

I'll add you to friend list, but you'll have to try your luck. I'm on break right now, meaning barely any login.

PM me IGN if you're still interested.
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Rules have been modified:
  • When 2 months inactive, you will be expelled.

  • Vending Machine isn't working at the moment, so it'll be removed and replaced with EXP Kettle until it's fixed
  • We have a discord server now for notices and stuff. PM me for a code to it.
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New notice put on Discord, PM me for invite
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Even though it said recruiting is closed. I would like to join o.o
IGN Eumelia
Could i join this circle? 
[Image: 2i8jiqd.png]
We'll start recruiting next month, I'm on a lazy break...

Edit: I may make it mandatory for members to join discord
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Feburary 1st, 2016

※All members inactive since December have been expelled (12 people). You are always welcome back should you decide to return to Closers.
※After about 5 months of closed doors, Lumi is FINALLY recruiting again.
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