[Inactive] Lumi Circle!
(02-14-2016, 08:59 PM)MedakaKurokami Wrote: umm khleyz i have read the fules and it says to find you in ch 87 but since im only at area 4 will i have to wait for you around the same place to see you

nope, I can come to you, just tell me your location when you @ me and make sure you stand by the enhancement/tuning machine
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oh i see so i @you in the discord group and tell you where i am x.x cause if i do i was in the discord group but i was suddenly kicked out for no reason but srry if im asking alot of questions i hope your not annoyed
A brave warrior is indeed the existence brimming with possibilities that I like

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Yeah I kick out all non-members at the end of the week for clean-up Tongue
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Notices on discord are now open to public for convenience's sake, please check discord for latest notice: http://tinyurl.com/lumi-discord
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Hi if you have any open spots I would love to play with some more English speaking players!!
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are you currently taking any member?
if there are any slots, mind if i join your circle ._. /
Is this circle still not recruiting?
Is the circle still active and looking for people ?
The circle still active? I sure would like to join if still active, that is if the circle still accepting people

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