[Inactive] Lumi Circle!
Taking members again.
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(10-16-2016, 09:01 PM)Khleys Wrote: Taking members again.


I'm a Korean but I play from NA;;
May I join your guild? My IGN is: 루누누 (just applied to join the guild in-game)

Please and thank you ; . ;
Violent bumps

By the way you can't just apply, you either in Discord or you not in

Anyone who is too scared to apply:
Don't worry, I just sound rude & lazy, I actually don't bite
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I've been looking for a circle for about a year or so now.. I would love to join.
Ign: Watermark
(12-31-2016, 01:55 AM)Watermark Wrote: I've been looking for a circle for about a year or so now.. I would love to join.
Ign: Watermark

I sincerely apologize, I deleted you off Discord—I didn't realize that was you.

If you're still interested, please apply by following instructions posted on first post & join Discord server again (https://discordapp.com/invite/JRyqkMJ).

Be sure to @Burmytons on #recruitment channel when you join the Discord server.
This is crucial—due to my current schedule, I don't check the forums very often.

Thank you!
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Lumi taking members.

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I decided to start fresh after over a year of hiatus. I'd like to join the circle if it's still active. Some friends and a few advice would be great Smile

IGN: 다솜하 & I play in PST.

Edit: Just saw the Discord notice that the circle is full. Hopefully I won't be on the wait list for too long.
Hello, Im newb to Closers KR. ^^; Im interesting
to join your circle ingame. I did joined your
discord to register application for join the
circle ingame. Here my own application~
-IGN: Vicey (Levia)
-Age: 23
-Why do I join circle? Im lookin' for nice circle
which talks in English. Also I won't be alone
in Closers KR ^^;

Thank you!
[Image: stk13.png]
[Image: map3juK.gif?1]

Never betray the 69,696,969

Welcome to the illuminati Lumi circle!
We aim to be the most laid-back casual circle in all of ClosersHQ.
Translation: We play on/off

We got space but it limited seating, yo


Current Hangout:
Training Room

Active Furniture:
Training Dummy Lv. 1 - Wait 5 minutes in Circle Hangout for Aerial, Back, and Chase Damage +7%
Punch Man Lv. 1 - Wait 5 minutes in Circle Hangout for Aerial, Back, and Chase Defense Penetration +10%
Kitty Table Lv. 1 - Wait 5 minutes in Circle Hangout for Physical and Magical Critical Hit Damage +10%
Cake Table Lv. 1 - Wait 5 minutes in Circle Hangout for Cooldown Reduction +10%
J Couch Lv.1 - Wait 5 minutes in Circle Hangout for EXP/Credit/Item Drop Bonus +10%

At this point in time...
...we're pretty much just a bunch of derps who hang out on discord and sometimes play Closers.

What can we offer you that other circles don't?
  • You have full permission to touch Person's Nata inappropriately, even if he screams
  • Yaoi
  • Kanra's doujin collection (batteries not included)
  • Really stupid Dank maymays
  • Yamete Atashi Oshiri Itai

Rules are fairly simple:

General Rules
  • All new members must join Discord server with a registered account
    (We use Discord so that we can exchange information & chat more effectively, as many of our players do not log on often.)
  • Don't be stupid
  • Don't unironically beg
  • Don't be a douchebag (or at least, try)
  • Try not to speak English in public chat

Discord Rules
  • All general rules except for 'Try not to speak English in public chat'
  • When discussing, ENGLISH ONLY.
  • No spamming
  • NSFW is allowed, but please be considerate and break the link.

Discord: #recruitment Rules
  • Keep arbitrary chatter unrelated to recruitment to a minimum.

  1. Open Circle Menu (default key: L)
  2. Select the Magnifying Glass (Search), Circle Search should appear.
  3. Enter 'Lumi' into the top right field and select the magnifying glass.
  4. Look for this (number may be different at times, but that's okay, it's just current members / maximum members):
    [Image: QvIFkwm.png]
  5. Press this button to apply:
    [Image: 7KS63ro.png]
  6. Register on Discord & join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/JRyqkMJ
    • Please do not use a temporary account, I must provide you with specific privileges before you can have access to the main chat channel.
  7. @Burmytons, @Person, and/or @Grenandersan & tell us your Character & Account IGN, and that you applied.
    (We use Discord so that we can exchange information & chat more effectively, as many of our players do not log on often.)

  • Circle chat is the one that matches the characters on the F3 tab.
    • To get to circle chat from neutral, go into chatbox and press tab twice. If you lose position, press tab until you reach the one where there is an additional box (whisper), then press tab until the box is gone, then press tab twice.
  • To go to circle base, select the option below the topmost one when selecting character, or press the button on circle menu (default key: L)
    • Stay in circle base for 5 minutes to receive furniture buffs
    • To exit base, press F4. You'll be sent back to the lobby you were previously in.
  • To add someone to friends list in-game:
    1. Press O
    2. Press the 3rd tab.
    3. Enter the account name into box and press the plus sign.
    4. If you receive a notification on the bottom right corner, you've successfully sent a friend request to them.
    5. If you instead receive an error message in the center, it means you've failed. To fix this, simply press the button ontop of the box you've entered the name in (this button will alternate between adding an ACCOUNT IGN or a CHARACTER IGN) and try adding again.
    6. If it still doesn't work, check for typos.
  • To Private Message someone in-game:
    1. Press O
    2. Press the 1st tab.
    3. Double click the name of the person you want to PM.
    4. You should be sent to the 2nd tab, you may chat with them there.
      • Note that it may not be possible for offline players to receive PM
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Can i join ?? My IGN is DarkFlandre . Im level 15 atm im leveling rn.

can i join? im level 15 leveing atm . my IGN is DarkFlandre

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