[Inactive] Lumi Circle!
This is the CDr skill option for FM.

[Image: vYFDzKm.jpg?1]
(05-15-2015, 03:54 AM)arslan87 Wrote: This is the CDr skill option for FM.

Jelly. But nice to know we can find it from monsters..
Ellie, do u still log onto the game? I accidentally left the circle :v

EDIT : Scratch dat, game's still buggy af
ah okay :v

I still log on once in a blue moon...
I honestly don't think I'm going to give a sh*t about anything until Nata or Revia. :|
No longer active
I'd like to join you guys whenever you have an open spot please. I play almost everyday. ^^

IGN - PrimeKnight
I'm bored.
[Image: oKtCUKz.jpg]
P/S: Deleted and IGN available, just fooling around. :v
(05-31-2015, 02:45 PM)InfiniteSummer Wrote: I'm bored.
[Image: oKtCUKz.jpg]
P/S: Deleted and IGN available, just fooling around. :v

dude :v
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Game's ded, Circle's semi-ded, it was fun while it lasted. Lookin' forward to seein' you guyz in MS2(a.k.a MLG Story 2)
-lame acronym joke ends here-
Feel free to find me on chatango/in game(MS2 :v)
[Image: nkHcS0p.jpg]
Just waiting for Nata... :I
No longer active
I'm bored of MMOs in general.
I wanna play something different for a change. :c
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