Introduction, PLEASE
So I had been interested in Closers for a while, hearing about it and seeing screenshots posted by a friend but due to the whole KR only thing and myself lacking 10bux, I never looked into it much until the JP version was announced.
There is a fresh hell in doing that Hiragana captcha, it was awful registering for PSO2 and it was awful registering for Closers OBT.
But I managed, warmed up my VPN and spent about 3 days trying to download, only realizing at one point that I had to clear some space on my hard drive. 
A friend told me the character I chose had his name changed to Haruto for the JP version so I figured now that I play the game to make an account here and make a really dumb joke going off that fact.
It's nice to meet you all, let's all get along!
welcome Haruto, I hope you enjoy the guides on our forums! I'm new here as well, sadly we won't be able to play together, because I'm on the KR server!
Also I do not know why you would need 10 bucks for an Account, you could try it out on a free-giveaway account and maybe ask a Korean to create you an account, using your e-mail. 
Wish you all the luck!

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