Is CloserS making you consider getting a new computer?
I'm certainly getting one as soon as I get the money.

My six year old 4 GB RAM dual core processor and Raedon HD 7700 series rig struggles with PVP and Area 4 stages. (More things going on in the background than previous areas.) Not to mention any time where parties herd enemies together and spam skills on them. Not to mention I have to relog every hour or so to prevent the game from slowing down too badly.

.....It certainly is a lot more resource heavy than what I was expecting.

Can anyone who can play the game at max settings while recording videos with no lag post their specs?
The exact second I launched Closers and played the first dungeon, I already bought my new computer.
(Why does this game lag me more than Dragon Nest?)

I was hoping to have it built before Official Seha came out, but the USPS has decided to delay my CPU's delivery by 365 days...

And I tried max specs once...the game crashed and I couldn't get it to run at all. Big Grin
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Not really

Got a beastly laptop as a gift
I got craptop.

I'm fine when soloing (when I'm not Seulbi). Except when there's so many monsters in the room. Then I get framerate issues.
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Nah, just wish I have better net when my sister is around. . .
Y0L0 SW3G!!!1!!!
yep...i wish i had gaming lappy instead of derpy lappy ._.
Playing this game upscaled on my computer is amazing. It's well worth the new PC I just built.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
My old pc was too junk for the game. And since It was gonna die soon, I got a new one. Now it runs perfectly fine.

And yea, its really resource hungry for low-tier machines :\

closers isnt tht resources demanding game around =O

If u struggle playing closers u def need a new comp,

but i recommend get a new graphic card after the new amd gpu coming out in feb~
Ive been playing on my craptop and its been more then enough, But i've been planning on buying a new laptop.

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