Is Closerz IP blocked now ?????
hey guys is closerz ip blocked didnt played a while and i wanna come back but when i start patch i get this error and when i click ok i get this error after can you guys maybe help me out please =(
That's just your internet lagging or having high latency toward KR.

Remember that,if there's an IP block,you can't access closers KR's website at the first place,if you can start the patcher,it means you can access the website and login,which means there's no IP block.

I would recommend using a VPN to reduce the latency,even if you don't need it,it will improve your stability & help you lag less,especially when you autoparty,the only downside of using a VPN is the random DCs if you are using a free one,if its a paying VPN,there's no downside almost.

Or you can just keep trying / relog on website & log in again,i personally have to launch the patcher twice/thrice just to start the game (while getting an error on the first /&2nd time i run the patcher).

If you still get the same error even after trying multiple times & using a VPN,tell me so i can try to find a better solution to your problem (if any?).
Use a VPN
I would recommend SoftEther, with connecting to a Korean server

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