Is it advisable to put points on passive skills?
Since Closers have a weird way of combining stat and skill in a single point, is it good to add points on stat related skills? If yes, which one? I heard normal attack train raises MP gain per attack but I have no data on the other ones.

Also, I heard you can reset skills, how and how much o.oa
Normal attack is a must unless you like to drink alot of mana pots.
Dmg passive are meh unless you are not taking a skill.
Crit passives are god
HP 1 point imo
And here I am thinking attack is the worst passive. That explains I guzzle 20 mp pots per run TwT

Anyway to reset skills?
Im don't know much abou passives,but to reset skill point just click this in the skill tab.

It will cost some credits though.
Does it gets more expensive the higher the level is or just a static amount?

Also that green cancel skill, I see a lot of people put points into it, is it good?
As much as i know you have a fix amount of credits you must pay.
I down graded the Shield skill 2 times,and bot times i had to pay 2000 credits.
And you don't have to lvl up the cancel skill.Lvl.1 is enough.
The dmg isn't that good.
Just dump whatever spare SP you have into passives and subtract SP from them if you need them for your active skills.
Normal Attk
Attk Crit (1pt)
M. Attk Crit (1pt)
HP (1pt)

M. Attk
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You can have a free skill reset once you become a official agent, according to some Taiwan players, but I am not sure.

It seems to be wrong. Undecided

KR (retired)

Playing the Taiwanese (TW) version, and casually playing the NA version.
Wait what ?? due to Elsword's habit i maxed out all my passive but were they really that terrible ??? I always thought i have better build since i generally the last survival and good damage but this is ....

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